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Alturas County Marriages 1870-1879

These marriage extractions were the original county of Alturas from 1864-1894. If you know any of these individuals and would like to contributed by adding a mini-biography, then contact the [an error occurred while processing this directive] about how to submit a mini-biography. Thank you for your patrons!

ABBOT William12 Jun 1879AVIDSON Mary A.
ANDERSON Volney S.29 Aug 1878, Rocky BarRICE Eliza S.
ANDREWARTHA John21 Mar 1878, Indian CreekDANNIGAN Hattie H.
AYLWIN Gad14 Mar 1878, AtlantaCUMMING Margaret, Mrs.
BIXBY Gilbert L.24 Dec 1877, Atlanta CityMCLAUGHLIN Mary E.
BUTLER William H.28 Jul 1879, Atlanta CityYONTZ Elizabeth
BUTZE Edwin 12 Nov 1877, Rocky BarJENSON Mollie E.
CALAHAN John19 May 1876, Rocky BarHARRINGTON Bridget H.
CALDWELL William L.28 Dec 1878, Rocky BarPOTTER Abbie A.
CALLAHAN Waren P.12 Aug 1877, Rocky BarHARRINGTON Bridget
CAMERON James H. 1877 GLENN Leavina A.
CAMPBELL Melvin21 Sep 1873, Red WarriorWAKEFIELD Anna E.
COLE Orric30 Jan 1878BOWN Ella M.
DAVEY Charles27 Sep 1877, Rocky BarROWE Louisa Jane
DILLY Stephen Barnes27 Nov 1873SIDEBOTHAM Rosetta Francis
JACKSON William23 Nov 1874, Red WarriorPETTY Rebecca Ann
JOHNSTON Thomas L.25 Dec 1878, Rocky BarCRAKER Mary E.
KEEN William9 Dec 1874, Rocky BarSTANTON Matty A.
LEE John H.7 Jun 1876, Red WarriorHICKS Susan F.
LOCKMAN Abram W.13 Aug 1876, Canyon CreekDANIELS Susan V.
MAHAN John1 Jul 1877, Mountain HomeFARLEY Eliza A.
NEWCOMER Solomon5 Aug 1874, Rocky BarFORD Mary E.
NEWTON George P.4 Jun 1876, Rocky BarPECK Ida May
NEWTON Louis A.30 Jul 1878, AtlantaO'NEILL Georgia E.
PACKARD William15 Jul 1873MOORE Mary Jane
PARSONS George M.1 Feb 1875, Rocky BarLINDENER Mary E.
PRISK Hercules1 Nov 1877, Atlanta CityBAXTER Fannie E.
ROBERTS James Hiram17 Oct 1870MCINTIRE Marcella Jane
ROLLINS True W., Jr.9 Sep 1879, Rocky BarRICE Mollie F.
SILVEY William D.27 Dec 1876, King HillARMSTRONG Elizabeth, Mrs.
SMITH Benjamin J. 30 Jan 1876, Rocky BarJOHNSON Serma
SMITH Cyrus V.28 Feb 1878, AtlantaBAXTER Julia M.
SUTTON Thomas J.17 Nov 1876, Rocky BarANDERSON Mattie R.
WEBSTER Allen V.11 Jul 1878, Mountian HomeCOOK Martha Kate

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