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Wood River Times Newspaper Index

The Wood River Times newspaper was published from August 1881 to 1920 by T. E. Picotte. In this newpaper index are names mentioned in only a small note, for example, "Mr. Smith was in town today," or it could be a complete article on his life or a social event(s). This index provided by the former county coordinator Charlotte Slater, however, her email address is invalid. I am trying to find out if she still wish to continue this inquiry or this index will serve as a reference.


Abbett, Mattie
Abbott, A.S.
Abbott, Bert
Abbott, Charles
Abbott, George H.
Abbott, Morris
Abbott, Robert
Abbott, William
Adams, Charles Francis
Adams, Gardner
Adams, H.W.
Adams, Jacob
Adams, L.B.
Adams, Milo H.
Adamson, Edith
Adamson, J.R.
Adamson, James
Adamson, John
Adamson, W. Lennox
Adinger, Antoine
Adkins, Mr.
Ah Sing
Ah You Chinese
Ainsworth, James
Ainsworth, Jesse
Albrethsen, Albert
Albrethsen, Holger
Albrethson, Christina
Alexander, Fredonia
Alkali Ike
Allen, Charles
Allen, Dan
Allen, George
Allen, Harry J.
Allen, James B.
Allen, Jessie
Allen, John H.
Allen, Kelsey
Allen, O.S.
Allen, Samuel
Allen, W.N.
Allison, David
Allison, T.J.
Ames, Ed
Ames, Fisher
Anderson, A.D.
Anderson, Dick
Anderson, Elof
Anderson, Emma
Anderson, Eric
Anderson, Frank
Anderson, George
Anderson, I.P.
Anderson, Jack
Anderson, John A.
Anderson, Julia
Anderson, Peter
Anderson, V. Stamps
Anderson, Volney
Anderson, William F.
Andrewatha, John
Angel, Edward
Angel, Floyd
Angel, Mary
Angel, Mav
Angel, R.M.
Angel, Richard
Angel, Ritchie
Angel, Texas
Annett, C.F.
Anson, Perry
Anthony, Frank
Anthony, Thomas H.
Arkoosh, J.George
Armstrong, Frank
Armstrong, Henry
Armstrong, William
Arnell, T.R.
Arnold, Allen B.
Arnold, C.S.
Arnold, D.E.
Arnold, L.E.
Arnold, W.O
Arter, Jacob
Arthur, Chester A.
Arthur, Evan
Ashton, D.H.
Ashton, George
Atkinson, William H.
Atwell, Olive
Auerback, F.H.
Aune, Harry
Austin, Wm
Ayers, Mr.
Aylward, Thomas
Aylwin, Gad


Babb, Henry
Babbington, Charles
Babbington, D.W
Babbington, Joe
Babbington, Oscar
Bache, Carrie
Bache, Oscar
Backman, Otto C.
Backus, Walter
Bacon, James H.
Bade, Joseph
Bah, Charley
Bailey, James D.
Bailey, L.C.
Bailey, Tom
Bailey, Tracy
Bailey, Victor
Baird, T.P.
Baker, E.D.
Baker, Henry
Baker, Jimmy
Baker, Lee
Baker, Louis
Baker, Mollie
Baker, R.L.
Baker, Thomas
Balderston, Eli
Baldwin, E.C.
Ballantine, Colonel
Ballard, Nan
Ballard, Phillip
Ballentine, J.W.
Balliet, S.A.
Ballou, R.E.
Bambrick, Anna
Bambrick, George
Banfield, Ellen
Banfield, John M.
Banjo Nell
Bannister, Ida
Bannister, Thomas
Bannon, Lawrence J.
Bannon, Miles Francis
Barbee, Ameria
Barbee, William
Barlow, Nicholas
Barnard, George D.
Barnard, L.
Barnes, H.V.
Barnes, Sinc
Barnhart, Jessie
Barratt, C.R.
Barrett, Alexander
Barrett, Billy
Barrett, W.N.
Barrington, Laurice
Barrington, William
Barry, Agnes
Barry, James H.
Barry, Martin
Barry, Nellie
Barry, William
Barstow, Eva
Bartell, William
Bartholomew, Miss
Bartlett, L.B.
Barton, H.H.
Barton, Jacob K
Bartsch, E.
Bartsch, Hattie
Bartshe, Louis
Bashford, William
Bassett, C.J.
Bassett, E.A.
Baster, J.L.
Bates, Harry
Bates, Judd
Batey, William
Baugh, W.H.
Baxter, Charlie
Baxter, P.P.
Baxter, William
Beamer, Hobart C.
Beamer, Jim
Beamer, Muriel
Bean, Andrew
Bearmer, A.E.
Beaton, Dan
Beatty, E.T.
Beatty, James H.
Beatty, John
Beck, Samuel
Bee, Colonel
Beers, William
Behlke, Gus
Behren, Rudolph
Behrman, Charles
Bell, J.B.
Bell, Orrilla
Bell, P.H.
Bell, Thomas
Bellinger, Edward
Bellinger, Merritt
Bellinger, Richard
Bellinger, T.D.
Belmont, H.F.
Belt, M.A.
Belveal, J.J.
Bemar, Agent
Benall, George
Bench, Wade
Bennets, Richard
Bennett, Fred
Bennett, H.M.
Benson, Shade
Benson, William B.
Bentley, Tom
Bently, M.
Benton, Jessie Mine
Berg, Amelia
Berger, Joseph
Bergier, Joe
Bergin, Joseph D.
Bernard, Henry
Bernier, Alphonse
Berry, R.W.
Beverland, James L.
Bews, & Hodgman
Bews, Henry
Biddy, Moses
Bigler, Mrs.
Bilderback, C.P.
Biles, George H.
Billingsley, Archie
Billingsley, Bart
Bingham, Dave
Birkin, Charles
Bishop, W.W.
Bistiup, Elena
Bixby, Gil
Bjorkman, General
Black, Charles
Black, Finlan
Black, George A.
Black, Harry
Black, James B.
Black, John Charles
Black, Malissa
Black, William Marion
Black, William P.
Blackhart, Birdie
Blackhart, Riley
Blackwell, Samuel
Blaine, Mr.
Blair, D.M.
Blair, H.P.
Blair, Milton
Blair, Wiley
Blake, Professor
Bledsoe, Ralf
Bledsoe, Annie
Bledsoe, Eulslie
Bledsoe, Helen
Bledsoe, John
Bledsoe, Lollie
Bledsoe, Ralph
Bledsoe, Relf
Bledsoe, Rolf
Bledsoe, Sadie
Blickensderfer, S.T.
Blickenstlerffer, Super
Bliss, D.B.
Bloss, Charles
Blossom, James M
Board, Bessie
Board, Charles
Board, Edith
Board, Rosa
Boardman, Thomas
Boder, Charles
Boggs, Christine
Boggs, Joe
Bohlke, Gus
Bolivar, Patsey
Bolles, Stephen
Bolliger, John E.
Bolman, W.J.
Bolton, C.E.
Bond, Henry M.
Bonham, A.A.
Bonnett, Mr.
Bonning, James H.
Boone, S.D.
Borah, W.E.
Boruff, D.C.
Borup, W.T.
Boswell, Victor
Boucher, Nicholas
Bourgeoie, Sam
Bourgeois, Frank
Bourgeois, Sam
Bow, Tom Chinese
Bowden, William
Bowen, Alice
Bowen, J.S.
Bowerman, J.C.
Bowersock, Bert
Bowersock, G.H.
Bowlan, James
Bowman, W.H.
Bowmer, Mrs.
Bowns, Mr.
Boyce, John B.
Boyce, Kate
Boyce, Rena
Boyd, Amy
Boyd, Armstrong
Boyd, Ella
Boyd, John
Boyd, Nellie
Boyd, W.C.
Boyd, W.M.
Boyd, Willie
Boyer, John
Boyle, F.
Boyle, John F.
Braase, C.H.
Braase, Eck
Braasey, Lillie
Bradbury, G.S.
Bradbury, W.C.
Bradford, C.E.
Bradley, Frank
Bradley, Fred C.
Bradley, R.M.G.
Bradley, Splinter
Bradley, W.W.
Braiden, M.J.
Bramble & Dickinson
Branin, H.M.
Braser, M / M
Brashear, Thomas
Brassee, C.H.
Bray, B.C.
Bray, Corwin
Braymer, Daniel
Brayton & Co
Brazeal, Curtis
Brazeal, Wesley
Brearley, E.C.
Brennan, Thomas
Breshears, Wesley
Brew, Thomas H.
Brewer, John
Brewster, A.E.
Bricker, S.A.
Briggs, John
Brim, Ira
Brim, W.W.
Brinegar, J.H.
Brinkerhoff, Jacob
Brisbin, General
Bristol, L.E.
Bristow, I.T.
Britton, S.H.
Broadbeck, John
Broadhead & Griffith
Broadhead, W.A.
Broatch, W.J.
Brock, William
Brockbank, Isaac
Brockway, M.J.
Brockway, May
Brodericks, Judge
Brodhead, W.H.
Bronaugh, George
Brooks, Arlie
Brooks, C.M.
Brooks, George
Brooks, Harvey
Brooks, Hulda
Brooks, James E.
Brooks, Laura
Brooks, Robert
Brooks, Sam
Brotherton, J.H.
Brough, C.M.
Brown & Gates
Brown, Alden
Brown, Arthur
Brown, B.F.
Brown, Bessie
Brown, Charley
Brown, Dr. N.J.
Brown, Frank
Brown, J.B.
Brown, J.C
Brown, Jennie
Brown, Jonas W.
Brown, L.P.
Brown, Minnie
Brown, N.J.
Brown, Ollie
Brown, Reuben L.
Brown, Wallace
Brownell, M H
Brownell, Ray
Browning, Augustus
Brownlow, Arthur
Bruce, Bob
Brugge, Jacob
Brugman, Mr.
Brummeft, Chet
Bruner, A.J.
Bruner, E.M.
Bruner, H.A.
Bruner, Lawrence
Bruner, Morris E.
Bruner, P.M.
Bryan, George V.
Bryan, John
Bryan, T.P.
Bryden, Kate
Buchanan, Burns
Buck, Norman
Buckhart, H.Z.
Bucklin, James A.
Bucklund, A.
Buckskin Joe
Bull, Annie
Bull, Birdie
Buller, Charles
Buller, R.F.
Bunn, Governor
Bunyard, Kate
Burbidge, Fred
Burch, J.D.
Burd, Samuel
Burdett, John
Burdge, Lum
Burge, C.
Burgeois, I.
Burger, C.H.
Burgess, John
Burgi, Dr.
Burke, John
Burke, Mary
Burkett, Bessie
Burkett, J.M.
Burkett, Miller
Burkhard, W.R.
Burkhart, H.Z.
Burkhart, Theodore
Burkhart, W.E.
Burkman, Mrs.
Burnet, E.G.
Burnett, Dan
Burnett, W.H.
Burns & Buller
Burns & Eckstein
Burns, James W.
Burns, John
Burns, Pat
Burnside, Mrs.
Burstrum, Arthur
Burt, A.
Burt, Frank
Burtler, Bert
Burton, Carrie
Bury, Joseph
Butch, James W.
Butler, A.W.
Butler, Bart
Butler, Gilbert
Butler, Harold L.
Butler, L.F.
Butler, Madge
Butler, R.F.
Butler, Thomas
Butler, Wm. H.
Butterfield, Warren P.
Butterworth, Hezekia
Butts, Mr.
Buzzard, Mr.
Buzzo, T.W.
Byles, George
Byrd, Mrs.
Byrne, James
Bywater, Mr.


Cabanah, Frank
Cable, M.
Cadwallader, General
Calahan, E.L.
Calahan, Thomas
Calderhead, Si
Caldwell, Frank
Caldwell, Jessie
Calkins, F.W.
Callahan, Warren
Calloway, Mr.
Cameron, D.
Cameron, Ed
Cameron, Eslasta
Cameron, Isabella
Cameron, John
Cameron, William H.
Camp, Norman
Campbell, Claude
Campbell, D.F.
Campbell, George
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, Jack
Campbell, James P.
Campbell, John P.
Campbell, Nell
Campbell, Pauline
Campbell, Robert
Canady, John M.
Canavan, Colonel
Canevan, P.P.
Canfield, M.D.
Cannady, John M.
Cannon, Mrs.
Carder, Thomas R.
Carey, John
Carey, Mr.
Carleton, Will
Carlgren, Peter A.
Carlon, Emma
Carlon, John
Carlson, Gus
Carlson, John
Carothers, Celia
Carothers, F.J.
Carothers, Maude
Carothers, May
Carpenter, A.C.
Carpenter, C.W.
Carpenter, George
Carpenter, J.C.
Carpenter, Sadie
Carr, Miss
Carrah, H.T.
Carrollton Mining
Carson & Weaver
Carson, Andy
Carson, David M.
Cartee, L.F.
Cartee, Ross
Carter, Jonas
Caruthers, E.T.
Case, Aliene
Case, B.F.
Case, Clyde
Case, George W.
Case, John
Case, W.G.
Casey, Michael
Cass & Little
Cass, S.S.
Cassady, J.H.
Cassidy, James
Cassin, Mr.
Cassin, W.C.
Castro, W.H.
Cavanah, Frank P.
Cederberg, Fred
Cederholm, J.L.
Cederholm, J.S.
Cesari, Father
Chadwick, Ada
Chamberlain, Harry
Chambers, Charles
Chambers, Robert C.
Chaney, B.F.
Chappa, J.C.
Chase, A.M.
Chase, E.B.
Chase, E.S.
Chase, Jabez
Chase, Usher
Chatburn, John
Cheever, C.M.
Cheever, Z.E.
Cherry, Mrs.
Chester, Miss
Chiatovitch, Pietro
Chier, A.S.
Childs, H.L.
Childs, J.S.
Chinn, C.D.
Choat, Earl
Choate, G.H.
Choquette, Manuel
Chow, King Chinese
Choy, kwok wah Chinamen
Chung, Hop
Chung, Sam Chinamen
Church, Perounne
Churchill, Professor
Clark, H.L.
Clark, Jacob
Clark, Junius
Clark, Mamie
Clark, N.L.
Clark, O.T.
Clark, Pat
Clark, Thomas
Clark, Walter
Clarke, E.R.
Clarke, Henry
Clarke, N.L.
Clarke, W.N.
Clarkson, Wm H.
Clasbey, James T.
Clawson, C.C.
Clawson, Willie
Clay, C.H.
Clay, H.H.
Clayburgh, Joseph
Clays, Mr.
Cleaveland, M.C.
Clegg, Edith
Clegg, George H.
Clement, Victor
Clements, C.P.
Clemons, G.W.
Clemons, Sam
Cliff & McKay
Cliff, Belle
Cliff, Birdie
Cliff, Centennial
Cliff, Clifton
Cliff, J.F.
Cliff, Johnny Byrd
Clifford, John
Clifford, Nettie
Cline, Oscar
Clinton Sheep co
Clohecy, T.E.
Clough, E.E.
Clyne, Gertie
Coats Brothers
Coble, Richard
Code, James
Coe & Carter
Coffeldt, Goldie
Coffelt, Goldie
Coffey, Pat
Coffin, E.C.
Coffin, Ed
Coffin, Frank R.
Coffin, Mans
Coffin, Sherman
Coffin, V.W.
Coffin, Walt
Cohen, Mr.
Cole, C.E.
Cole, Helen
Cole, Signor
Cole, W.W. Circus
Coleman, Dan
Collier, T.E.
Collins, C.H. & J.S.
Collins, C.W.
Collins, John
Collins, Pat
Collister, George
Colman, H.E.
Colter, A.S.
Coltrop, Mrs.
Comb, Thomas
Commins, John
Comstock, Bert
Comstock, Leon H.
Condron, Bill
Condron, John
Cone, Miss
Congdon, John
Conklin, J.C
Conley, Mike
Conlin, Maggie
Connaughton, Nellie
Connolly, Thomas
Connor, Ed
Connor, Sam
Constantine, Christ
Cook & Cummings
Cook, Annie
Cook, Arizona
Cook, D.W.
Cook, E.C.
Cook, Jack
Cook, W.A.
Coolidge, Frank
Cooper, Alfred
Cooper, Edward
Cooper, Ella
Cooper, James
Cooper, T.M.
Copeland, Sarah
Copenhagen Claims
Copland, Charles
Coplin, Charles
Coplin, Maud
Corbet, Burke
Corbet, E.B.
Corcoran, Mr.
Corneil, George
Cornish, Mrs.
Corns, G.Mort.
Cornwald, Katie
Coshow, Mr.
Costin, I.N.
Courtney, C.W.
Coveny John
Covert, T.J.
Cowan, James
Cowan, Josh
Cowden, J.W.
Craig, C.W.
Cramer, E.
Cramer, Hugh
Cramer, John
Cramer, Leopold
Cramer, Louise
Cramer, Otelia
Cramton, Rosa
Crandall, George
Craner & Critchfield
Cranston, G.W.
Crawford Brothers
Crawford vs. Dacy
Crawford, Jack
Crawford, Reese
Crawford, W.
Crazy Horse Felshaw
Creighton, James
Crichton, J.H.
Crittenden, S.A.
Crockett, Edward
Croft, George
Croker, Dick
Crook & Co
Crook, F.M.
Crook, George
Cross, John
Cross, L.E.
Crossman, Mr.
Crow, Colonel
Crowe, S.E.
Croy, C.P.
Croy, F. Scott
Croy, J.S.
Crozier, Frank
Crozier, Robert
Cuddy, William
Culbethson, Miss
Cullen, George
Cullinan, Michael
Cullum, H.H.
Culp, Isaac
Cummings, A.A.
Cummings, A.B.
Cummings, Daniel
Cummings, Frank
Cummings, Harry
Cummings, John
Cummings, Lewis
Cunie, Charles
Cunningham, E.E.
Cunningham, Van
Curnow, Charles
Curran, John
Curran, Mark
Curran, Martin
Currier, John W
Curry, W.H.
Curtin, John
Curtis, E.J.
Curtis, Harry
Curtis, James F.
Cutts, Arthur


Daft, Eph
Dallimore, Mabel
Dallimore, Zena
Danills, Joe
Danilson, T.T.
Danskin, Alex
Danskin, John
Dargard, William
Daugherty, Charles
Daugherty, Lizzie
Daugherty, Myrtle
Daugherty, Sadie
Davey, Charles
Davey, Edward
Davidson, John
Davidson, P.P.
Davis, A.E.
Davis, Arthur D.
Davis, C.A.
Davis, David
Davis, E.K.
Davis, Fred C.
Davis, George
Davis, John
Davis, Lisle
Davis, Mamie
Davis, Nelson
Davis, R.H.
Davitt Mine
Davy, Emelia
Dawson, William E.
Day, George A.
Day, Martin
Dayton, Leon
Dayton, R.P.
Dayton, W.W.
Dean, J.W.
Dearden, R.
Debrule, Joe
Decker, Ida
DeGamblers, Will
DeHaven, J.L.
Delancy, George
Delaney, George
Delaney, Robert
Delano & Clay
Delano, N.C.
Delano, N.S.
Delius, George
Dellimone, Zuna
Dennett, John M.
Derby & Garhart
Devers, Pat
Deviney, Pat
Dewey & Stone
Dewey, Charles H.
Dewey, Daisey
Dexter, F.
Dial, Hardie
Diamond, E.A.
Diamondfield Jack
Dibrell, Miss
Dickenson, E.
Dickinson, Carrie
Dickinson, D.K.
Dickinson, Harvey L.
Dill, Jerry
Dilley, S.B.
Dix, John A.
Dix, Owen
Dixon, P.A.
Dixon, Smith
Doe, John
Doebler, W.C.
Doherty, James
Dollarhide, Carrie
Dollarhide, L.C.
Dollarhide, Vienna
Domski, V.
Domski, W.
Donahoe, Professor
Donahue, Mr.
Donana, Thomas
Doniphan, J.A.
Doniphan, Tom
Donnelly, Edythe
Donovan, J.J.
Doolittle, Mrs.
Doom, Cyrus N.
Doran, Jimmy
Dorsey, J.P.
Dorsey, Lewis
Dorsey, Lute
Dougherty, James
Douglass, W.H.
Dougray, Kate
Douthitt, T.G.
Dover, N.B.
Dovvin, E.C.
Dow & Pratt
Dow, J.C.
Dowling, Pat
Drake, F.R.
Drake, Mable
Drake, William T.
Driscoll, J.
Drummond, Henry
Dubois, George W.
Dubois, J.K.
Dubois, Lockwood
Dudenhausen, A.
Dudley, Charles E.
Duer, A.P.
Duffey, Mabel
Duffey, R.J.
Duffy, M.
Dugary, kate
Dulaney Brothers
Dun & Co
Dundas, Miss
Dunlap, Robert
Dunn, Andy
Dunn, James D.
Dunnavan, James
Dunniway, Clyde
Dunniway, Hubert R.
Dunniway, Ralph
Dunniway, Willis
Dunton, Joe
Durand, Mary
Durell, B.M.
Durham, C.
Durham, J.I.
Duval, Claude
Duvall, Louis A.
Dyer, F.H.
Dyer, George
Dyer, H.G.
Dymoke, James
Dyson, Mr.


Eads, Reverend
Earhart, C.
Earhart, David
Earheart, Mrs.
Earp, James
Earp, Wyatt
Easley, J.V.
Eastman, H.B.
Eastwood, T.S.
Eastwood, Thad
Eccles & Quantrell
Eccles, Davis
Eckholm, Nellie
Eddie, Lyell
Eddy, Harvey & Co
Eddy, P.
Edgerton, Idaho
Edgerton, J.E.
Edson, Mr.
Edwards, Hank
Edwards, J.B.
Egan, E.
Egan, Patrick
Egbert, C.H.
Eggert, Mr.
Eggleston, Herbert
Eggleston, Hugh
Ekholm, Nellie
Eklundh, Gerda
Eldred, B.B.
Eldredge, Ira
Elison, C.G.
Elliott, F.E.
Elliott, Jack
Elliott, John
Ellis, George
Ellsworth, Ella
Ellsworth, Rose
Elster, James
Ely, B.F.
Ely, Frank C.
Ely, Fred H.
Ely, Louis W.
Embleton, Thomas
Emerson & Harvey
Emerson, H.
Emery, J.C.
Emery, Wm.T.
Emmert, Wm P.
Emmet, Dr.
Engler, Mr
Ennis, J.P.
Eno, Miss
Ensign, Frank
Ensign, Harry
Ensign, Shirley
Epstein, Fred
Ernst, Charles
Ernst, John
Eshelman, Mr.
Eskridge, L.M.
Esmond, Harve
Ethell, David E.
Ether, Sheriff
Evans, Bob
Evans, Frank
Evans, M.R.
Evans, Richard
Evans, Sarah A.
Evans, T.B.
Evans, William
Eyans, B.B
Eyre, Harry


Fair, Senator
Fairchilds, Miss
Fales, Mamie
Falk, N.
Falk, T.
Fallon, G.F.
Fancher, Reverend
Faris, Mike
Farnsworth, L.H.
Farr, W.B.
Farrell, Elizabeth
Farrell, Katherine
Farrell, Lizzie
Farrer, Dr.
Farris, Caddie
Farwell, John V.
Fator, Fred
Faylor, George W.
Felsenthal, Arthur
Felsenthal, G.
Ferguson, F.C.
Ferguson, R.
Ferguson, Thomas M.
Fernow, B.E.
Ferris, George E.
Ferris, Richard W.
Fertig, Mr.
Fielder, R.C.
Fifield, J.
Figgins, D.W.
Figgins, M.D.
Fightingmaster, Frank
Fillert, Michael
Filshie, Mr.
Finch, Blanche
Finch, Ellen
Finch, James
Finch, John A.
Fink, Dave
Fink, J.D.
Finlen, Miles
Finley, William Lewis
Finney, William
Fischer, Alex
Fisher, Alex
Fisher, Earnest
Fisher, George
Fitch, George A.
Fitzgerald, J.B.
Fitzgerald, Pete
Fitzgibbon, Mr.
Fitzsimmon's Hall
Fitzwater, Daniel
Flannagan, John
Flannery, Ed
Fleak, Charles N.
Fleak, H.L.
Fleck, Charles
Fleischer, Otto B.
Fleming, Andrew
Fleming, Ed
Fleming, Gilbert
Fleming, John
Flemming, W.E.
Fletcher, C.C.
Fletcher, John
Fletcher, Louisa
Flood, Robert
Florence, G.B.
Floyd, Lulu
Floyd, Victor
Floyd, W.J.
Fluscher, Otto B.
Flynn, E.J.
Flynn, John
Flynn, Mike
Fogg, C.G.
Foley, Charles
Foote, D.H.
Ford, Laura
Ford, Thomas
Fordham, John
Fordyce, J.S.
Forrest, J.R.
Fort, James
Foster, Charles A.
Foster, Frank
Foster, J.B.
Foster, John
Foulk, Constable
Foulks, T.S.
Fowler, William
Fox, C.B.
Fox, Earl
Fox, Genevieve
Fox, George
Fox, J.C.
Fox, Louis
Fox, William
Francey, George
Francke, W.C.
Frank, Abe
Franklin, Mr.
Fraser, Ella
Frazier, Charles
Frazier, E.M.
Frazier, J.
Freedman, Mrs
Freeman, H.A.
Freeman, John L.
Freeman, William
Freidman, Emil
Freidman, S.J.
French & Purviance Saloon
French & Stinson
French Annie
French, Carrie
French, Frank
French, Permeal
French, Q.A.
French, Richard
Frenchman's Ranch
Frew, Mr.
Frick, H.C.
Fricke, Mrs.
Friedman, Beatrice
Friedman, Emil
Friedman, H.J.
Friedman, Leon
Friedman, Max
Friedman, S.J.
Friedman, S.M.
Friend, Samuel
Frodsham, J.
Frost, Charles
Frost, Harry
Frost, Ida
Fulcomer, D.
Fuld, Fern
Fuld, Joseph W.
Fuld, Leon
Fuld, Mabel
Fuld, Sidney C.
Fulford, Frank
Fuller, Mr.
Fulton, Libbie
Fulton, Major
Funkhouser, A.M.
Furey, Charles H.
Furey, Dan
Furey, James
Furey, Maggie
Furey, Pat
Furey, Sadie
Furey, Sarah
Fyfer, J.T.
Fyfer, Mary A.


Gable, Charles E
Gaffney, Bartley
Galbraith, Jack
Galbraith, James
Galbraith, John
Galbraith, William
Gallagher, John
Gallagher, Scotty
Galligher, John
Galliland, Mr.
Gallop, Miss
Gamer, Professor
Ganahl & Vineyard
Ganahl, Frank
Gandy, Maud
Gankard, J.W.
Gannett, L.E.
Garbutt, George
Garey, Jim
Garfield, James A.
Gankard, J.W.
Gannett, L.E.
Garbutt, George
Garey, Jim
Garfield, James A.
Garret, I.W.
Garrett, Ed
Garrett, L.W.
Garrett, Speed
Garrett, Susie
Garrison, Joseph
Garrity, Lizzie
Garton, Morris
Garvey, Johnny
Gary, Mr.
Gaulet, C.J.
Gaumer, A.D.
Gaylord, Miss
Gebhardt, Freddie
Geegan, Tom
Geer, Mr.
George, Ira S.
Geroulas, W.C.
Gibbon, Mike
Gibbons, Ed
Gibbons, Thomas
Gibbons, William
Gibson, Charles E.
Gibson, Emma
Gibson, Hugh
Gibson, Oscar
Giese, Harry
Gifford, Fred
Gifford, O.P.
Gilbert, D.F.
Gilbert, Emma
Gilbert, Sandy
Gilbert, William B.
Gilchrist, Matt
Giles, J.B.
Gillespie, James
Gillette, F.K.
Gilligan, Mr.
Gilloutte, Miss
Gilman, A.W.
Gilman, Charles
Gilman, G.B.
Gilman, John
Gilman, Walter
Gilmer & Salisbury
Gilmore, Will
Gilson, James
Gin Sling chinaman
Glass, W.M.
Gleason, Pat
Glenn, C.C.
Glenn, G.P.
Glenn, James
Glenn, William P.
Glenn's Ferry
Glidewell & Snyder
Glorieux, Monsignor
Glover, George
Glynn, Joseph
Goble, S.M.
Goehring, W.D
Goering, Charles
Goering, William
Golden, George
Golding, C.D.
Gonne, George
Goodall, O.P.
Gooding, Frank
Gooding, Thomas
Goodman, Charles F.
Goodman, G.
Goodwin, M.H.
Gordeon, M.A.
Gordon, Harry
Gordon, James
Gordon, M.A.
Gorman, John
Gosse, Joe
Gould, Jay
Goulette, W.H.
Gowan, Franklin
Gowan, John
Grady, W.F.
Graebner, F.H.
Graham, Andy
Graham, George S.
Graham, Matthew
Graham, Stephen
Graham, W.D.
Grannis, E.A.B.
Grannis, G.W.
Grant, Jimmy
Grant, John
Grant, Martin
Gratton & Drummond
Graves, Robert
Graves, T.H.
Gray, Ben R.
Gray, E.C.
Gray, Howard
Gray, John
Gray, John S.
Grayson, George W.
Greek, William A.
Green, Baldy
Green, Ed
Green, G.M.
Green, Henry
Green, John
Green, William
Greene, J.H.
Greenhow & Rumsey Store
Greenhow, Frank
Greenhow, William H.
Greenlee, Mr.
Greenup, George
Greenwood, W.W.
Greer, Donaldson
Gregory, George
Gregory, Joseph
Gribble, Mr.
Gridley, C.E.
Griffin, A.J.
Griffin, Henry
Griffith, Austin
Griffith, Cora
Griffith, John
Griffith, W.
Grogan, William
Grover, George
Gulliford, William
Gundecker, Mr.
Gunn, James
Gusler, W.H.
Gwinn, D.H.
Gwinn, Humphrey


Habishaw, I
Hackway, Mr.
Hagar, J.M.
Haggerty, Major
Haggin, J.B.
Hague, G.W.
Haight & Johnson
Haight, C.N.
Haight, Fulton
Hailey, Cy
Hailey, George
Hailey, John
Hailey, W.C.
Haines, C.D.
Haines, Jack
Haines, Mose
Hairrel, E.C.
Hale, S.E
Hall, Adin
Hall, Bessie
Hall, C.
Hall, E.V.
Hall, John H.
Hall, Sanford
Hall, V.V.
Hall, W.P.
Hall, W.T.
Hallet, Sam
Halloran, George
Hallstrom, Lei
Hallstrom, Sam
Hamblet, Sam
Hamblin, James
Hamer, Captain
Hamerland, T.J.
Hamilton & Anderson
Hamilton, Foster
Hamilton, Nellie
Hammar, Guy
Hammer, Charles
Hammer, Elisha
Hampton, T.O.
Hance, Hugh
Handy, President
Hanley, Mr.
Hannan, Martin
Hannicker, Chris
Hannigan, Pat
Hanrahan, James N.
Hansen, Henry
Hansen, Mary
Hanson, Louis
Hanson, Pete
Harbinger, Jack,
Harden, H.A.
Harden, John
Harding, F.O.
Harding, G.
Hardy, J.K.
Harger, Henry
Harmon, Charles
Harmon, Oliver L.
Harness, David
Harness, W.T.
Harper, Ed
Harper, J.B.
Harper, Mary
Harrington, Dan
Harrington, Tim
Harrington, W.H.
Harris & Ray
Harris, Adelaide
Harris, Al
Harris, C.E.
Harris, E.Adelle
Harris, Edward
Harris, Emma
Harris, George S.
Harris, J.B.
Harris, John H.
Harris, John M.
Harris, Lafayette
Harris, Perry
Harris, Ralph
Harrison, A.E.
Harrison, J.P.
Harrison, William
Harroun, J.E.
Hart, John R.
Hart, Tom
Harters, E.W
Hartlieb, Father
Hartung, Bessie
Hartung, Carl
Hartung, Kate
Hartung, Lizzie
Hartung, Nellie
Harvey, Charles H.
Harvey, George
Harvey, James
Harvey, Rose
Harvey, W.J.
Hasbrouck, Sol
Hash, Tom
Haslett, Miss
Hass, A.
Hastings, W.W.
Hatch, J.S.
Hatton, Samuel
Haupt, Charles
Haupt, Ida
Haupt, Victor
Havemeyer, Albert
Havens, G.L.
Havens, Will
Haverly, J.H.
Havery, George
Havird, Carey
Havird, John
Hawkins, C.
Hawkins, John
Hawkins, Joseph
Hawkins, William
Hawley, C.A.
Hawley, D.B.
Hawley, E.R.
Hawley, James H.
Hawley, S.
Hayden, Mrs.
Hayes, J.W.
Hayes, Thomas
Hayford, Dr.
Haynie, J. M.
Hays & Johns
Hays, J.A.
Hazzard, O.P.
Heafron, John
Healy, Patsy
Heard, Clyde
Hearst, George
Heaston, William
Heath, Atlanta
Heath, Earnest
Heath, Guy S.
Heckethorn, N.E.
Heffron, William
Hein & Chattin
Heinz, Jennie
Heisler, Alice
Helfrich, E.C.
Hellman, M
Helm, John
Helman, Agnes
Helman, John
Helrich, E.C.
Hendel, John
Hennessey, James
Hennessy, Mike
Hennington, H.P.
Henry, C.A.
Hensley, T.
Herman, W.H.
Hernsheim, Charles
Heron, Matilda
Hershey, Isaac
Hewitt, Henry
Heyburn, W.P.
Hibbert, George
Hickey, Nick
Hicks, Jimmy
Hicks, Moroni
Hicks, R.L.
Hickson, Mr.
Higgins, P.B.
Higginson, Charles
Higginson, Frank
Higgs, Richard
Hilbert, Mr.
Hilderbrandt, Herman
Hill, D.B.
Hill, George B.
Hill, George R.M.
Hill, Henry H.
Hill, O.E.
Hill, W.C.
Hiltbruner, A.L.
Hilton, J.H.
Himes, A. & Mary A.
Himrod & Wilson
Himrod, G.M.
Hoag, A.B.
Hoard, John
Hobart, John
Hobart, W.S.
Hobson, G.W.
Hochstetter, F.B.
Hodgeman, Walter
Hodgman, J.W.
Hodgman, Walter
Hodgman, William
Hodson, Justice
Hoffliger, A.J.
Hoffman, Daniel
Hoffman, F.L.
Hoffsis, Henry S.
Hogan, J.L.
Hoge, Walter
Holden, Professor
Holdey, Maud
Holland, Charles
Holland, F.L.
Holland, William
Holleran, George
Holliday, Ben
Hollingsworth, C.
Hollister, H.L.
Holm, John
Holman, Mr.
Holmes, High
Holstrom, John
Homes, Al
Hood, J.B.
Hooker, Stephen
Hooks, Henry
Hooper, B.F.
Hop Chung Chinamen
Hop Sing Company
Hop the Boot Black
Hopkins, A.L.
Hopkins, Charles
Hopkins, Clara V.
Hopkins, O.L.
Horne, Hailey
Horne, Presley
Horne, W.F.
Horner, John S.
Horton, Harvey
Horton, John
Horton, William
Hosfard, George
Houser, Samuel T.
Houston, John
Houston, Mart
Howard, John
Howe, Edgar
Howell, Edith
Hoyt, M.L.
Hubbell, Walter
Huddleston, Jesse
Huff, A.J.
Huff, J.A.
Huffaker, Thomas A.
Huffaker, William
Huffstutter, D.L.
Hughes, John
Hughes, M.C.
Hughes, Thomas
Hull, Al
Hull, J.N.
Hulse, J.B.
Hulstone, Richard
Humphrey, Edgar
Humphrey, Elmer
Humphrey, Ethel
Humphrey, S.G.
Humphrey, Thomas H.
Humphreys, J.G.
Hunnel, Mrs.
Hunt, Joseph
Hunt, Martin
Hunt, W.E.
Hunter & Hudson
Hunter, Dan
Hunter, J.A.
Hunter, J.B.
Hunter, R.H.
Huntsman, Mr.
Hurley, G.
Hurley, J.H.
Hurlstone, Richard B.
Hussey, Charles
Husted, H.A.
Hustes, F.
Hutchings, Thurston
Hutchins, O.S.
Hutchinson, James H.
Hyde, Patrick
Hyer, C.R. M.D.
Hyndman, William
Hynes, Michael

I & J

Ike, Alkali
Ingersoll, J.B.
Ireton, Della
Ireton, Thomas
Irvine, A.
Irwin & White Saloon
Isabella Mine
Ish, Mr./ Mrs
Isoli, Marshall
Ivie, A.S.
Ivie, Ida
Jackson, A.J.
Jackson, Billy
Jackson, Charles
Jackson, Curt
Jackson, Frank
Jackson, George W.
Jackson, Jesse
Jackson, Ralph
Jackson, S.K.
Jackson, Stonewall
Jacobs, Adolph
Jacobs, Cy
Jacobs, George H.
Jacobs, Henry
Jacobs, Herman
Jacobs, Jerome
Jacobs, Martin
Jacobson, Ehrikson
Jacoby, George
Jacoby, William
Jaikoskie, William
James, Benjamin
James, Charles
James, Henry
James, Nathaniel T
James, Steve
James, W.
Jarnigan, William
Jaumann, W.H.
Jeffers, B.F.
Jeffers, Edward A.
Jeffrey, Ed
Jeffreys, F.
Jenkins, Nick
Jenney, Walter P.
Jennison, Charles
Jenny, W.P.
Jesse, J.P.
Jessee, Ora
Jim, Major
Jimmy the Elephant
Jobe, Abram
Joe the Boot Black
John, F.C.
John, S.C.
Johnney Behind the Rocks
Johns, James
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, B.F.
Johnson, Carl
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Chris
Johnson, Ervin W.
Johnson, George H.
Johnson, Gus
Johnson, Katie C.
Johnson, Lester
Johnson, Lewis D.
Johnson, O.J.
Johnson, O.P.
Johnson, Ralph
Johnson, S.
Johnson, Thomas L.
Johnson, William
Johnson, Zena
Johnston, C.J.
Johnston, Ervin
Johnston, Joseph
Johnston, O.C.
Jones, Edith V.
Jones, H.D.
Jones, James M.
Jones, John
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Seaborn
Jones, T.R.
Jones, William
Jonnson, E.W.
Jonston, John N.
Jordan, George W.
Jordan, Ida
Jordan, Olive
Joslyn, A.J.
Joslyn, P.T.
Josselyn, Torrey
Judge, Arthur
Judge, Charlie
Judge, James
Judge, Nellie
Justice, Robert
Justus, Edith
Justus, Hobart
Justus, U.S.


Kain, D.S.
Kaiser, Henry
Kavanaugh, George
Kayser, H.
Kayton, Gus
Kearns, Senator
Keating, W.D.
Keefer, Mary
Keegan, Tim
Keene, E.J.
Keene, Josie
Keeney, Mrs.
Keesler, W.H.
Keifer, Mr.
Keith, George W.
Kelley, David
Kelley, George
Kelley, John
Kelley, Merritt
Kelley, Ned
Kelley, O.B.
Kelley, William
Kellogg & Dearden
Kellogg, J.M.
Kellogg, L.B.
Kelly & Davis
Kelly, Honorable E.
Kelly, J.G.
Kelly, John R.
Kelly, Milton
Kelly, P.C.
Kelly, Sidney
Kelly, Thomas
Kendall, John
Kennedy, Bill
Kennedy, Huston
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, William T.
Kenney, Ed
Key, Loraney
Keyes & Son
Keyes, Alma
Keyes, George
Kiesel, A.
Kiesel, Fred J.
Killer, Ben
Kilpatrick, Robert
Kilpatrick, S.D.
Kilpatrick, William
Kimball, J.M.
Kimball, Thomas L.
King, Andrew F.
King, Ed
King, Frank
King, G.M.
King, James
King, Preston
Kings, S.B.
Kingsbury & McGowan
Kingsbury, Bessie
Kingsbury, Fritz
Kingsbury, Nate
Kingsbury, Selden B.
Kingsbury, T.J.
Kingsbury, Walter
Kinney, Patsy
Kinsley, J.W.
Kirby, James
Kirby, L.S.
Kirkly, Sam
Kitchen, H.
Kitchen, John G.
Kitto, Thomas
Kittrell, General
Kline, John L.
Kline, Rattlesnake Jack
Klubert, Paul
Knapp, Gracie
Knapp, Horace Greeley
Knapp, Theresa
Knauss, J.H.
Knight, Mrs.
Knollin, A.J.
Knowles, D.A.
Koehl, Emma
Kohlepp, George
Koller, Ben
Koon, Mr.
Koonce, Phillip
Kopald, Leon
Kraemer, Hulda
Krebs, Mr.
Krieg, George
Kruse, William
Kuhn, Mark
Kullas, John
Kurtz, M.A.
Kwong Wah Choy chinamen


Laatz, Bertha
Laatz, Charles
Laatz, John
LaBarge, Samuel
Laberge, Felix
LaFlang, Otto H.
Laidlaw, Mr.
Lamb, Alfred
Lamb, Almira
Lamb, Beulah
Lamb, Edward
Lamb, John M
Lamb, Julia D.
Lamb, Virgil
Lammersdorg, Charles
LaMunyon, George
LaMunyon, Mary Alice
Lanahan, Thomas
Lanbach, Louis
Lancaster, John H.
Lane, A.M.
Lane, Peter
Lang, B.L.
Lang, M.
Lantalla, Mr.
Lantz, R.S.
Lapham, A.B.
Larsen, C.P.
Larsen, N.C.
LaSourd, Miss
Latimer, James
Latty, Matilda
Laughlin, George
Lavake, Charles
LaValle, Professor
Lavelle, Thomas
Lawler, Ed
Lawrence, David
Lawson, Jack
Lawson, Martin
Lawton, Mr.
Laydell, Aimee
Layton, Frank
Leadley, L.
Leduc, Peter
Lee Si Chinamen
Lee, Frank
Lee, Hyrum D.
Lee, Jesse
Lee, Sam
Lee, W.I.
LeFevre, Mr.
LeFlang, Ingeborg
Leggett, Andy
LeGrande, Eugene
Lem Chung Chinaman
Lemmon, E.B.
Lemmon, Tom
Lemp, John
Lemp, John
Leonard, E.R.
Leonard, J.C. Dr.
Leroux, John
Leroy, Claudie
Leslie, C.L.
Leslie, Frank
Lester, Rufe
Lewis & Co
Lewis, Alva
Lewis, Charles
Lewis, F.C.
Lewis, George
Lewis, Hattie
Lewis, Horace
Lewis, I.I.
Lewis, J.S.
Lewis, L.C.
Lewis, Ole
Lewis, Oscar K.
Lichtenthaler, D.W.
Liggett, Andy
Lind, Jenny
Lindell, Willie
Lindley, Edith
Lindley, Helen
Lindsey, Emma
Lindsey, Mary
Linehart, P.F.
Lingo, J.H.
Linney, C.E.
Lisle, Mr.
Lloyd, Bruce
Locke, Dr.
Lockman, A.W.
Lockman, Jacob
Loer, B.B.
Logan, John
Logan, Thomas E.
Lomax, E.L.
Lombard, A.
Long, A.F.
Long, J.B.
Long, L.F.
Long, T.B.
Longabaugh, J.T.
Longfelt, Louis
Loofborrow, Chail
Loofborrow, Hamlin
Loomis, Maud
Lord, R.
Loring, Tom
Loss, Henry
Louis, Clarinda
Louis, Minnie
Loveland, Thomas
Lovell, Mr. A.
Loveria, W. H.
Loving, William
Lowe, Charles
Lowe, Peter
Lowe, Sylvester
Lowe, T.G.
Lowery, Mrs.
Lubber, H.
Lucas, George L.
Lucas, J.L.
Lufkin, Charles Henry
Lufkin, Ed
Lufkin, George
Lufkin, Hank
Lufkin, John
Lufkin, Libbie
Lufkin, Ollie
Lusk, James A.
Lybecker, Gus
Lyle, William
Lyman, Super
Lynch, John
Lynch, Phil
Lyons, C.E.


Mabee, James
Macfarlane, H.A.
Macfarlane, John A.
MacIntosh, J.S.
Mack, W.S.
Mackay, John
Mackay, William
Madden, Tom
Madden, Ada F.
Maguires, Molly
Mahan, Mrs.
Mahlstedt, Mrs.
Mahoney, Mary
Mahoney, Michael
Mahoney, William
Mahrin, Charlie
Main, Tom
Major Jim
Maker, R.
Maleville, John Peter
Maleville, Leona
Mallory, Barney
Mallory, Charles
Mallory, Mabel
Mallory, Martyn
Mallory, Mern
Mallory, Nettie
Mallory, Pat
Malmburg, John
Maln, Helga
Malone, James T.
Man, E.O.
Mandell, Frank C.
Mandell, Mattie A.
Mankin, Mr.
Mann, Isaac
Manning, George A.
Manning, John
Manning, Miss
Mansfield, T.P.
Manson, Super
March, M.A.
Marcini, Francis
Marcinnius, Francis
Margetta Family
Markman, Faubian K.
Marks, F.
Marlett, Wm. M.
Marley, Patrick
Marquardt, Mr.
Marquis, A.
Marron, Thomas
Marryatt, Florence
Marsh, W.B.
Marshall, Daniel W.
Martin, Frank
Martin, John
Martin, Pete
Martin, Samuel
Martin, T B
Martin, T.C.
Martin, William
Martindale, W.C.
Martyn, John
Marwick, Hugh
Marx, M.I.
Marx, M.L.
Maslin, J.Calvin
Mason, Frank
Mason, James M.
Mathews, William
Mator, S.
Matterson, Mr.
Matthews, George W.
Matthews, W.G.
Maupin, J.C.
Maupin, Tom
Mavius, Adelaide
Maxwell, J.W.
May, C.J.
May, Lida Luvica
Mayer, Ignaiz
Mayhugh, John S.
Maynard, Hugh D.
McAllester, B.A.
McAllister, G.W.
McAllister, J.H.
McAskell, Dan
McBride, W.J.
McBride, W.P.
McBrien, W.
McCafferty, J.
McCallum, Harry
McCann, Lena
McCann, William
McCart, P.A.
McCarter, H.F.
McCarter, James P.
McCarter, Lalla
McCarter, Ola
McCarthy, Eugene
McCarthy, Martha
McCarty, J.N.
McCarty, Martha
McCauley, Mr
McCharles, Rory
McChesney, James
McCloskey, Michael
McConnell, Larry
McConville, Major
McCormick, M.
McCormick, W.S.
McCoy, Basil
McCoy, Charles A.
McCrum, Charles K.
McCrum, D.K.
McCulloch, David
McCulloch, Robert
McCurdy, D.C.
McCurdy, John
McCuskey, Miss
McDaniels, Mr.
McDermott, Charles
McDevitt, Barney
McDonald John A.
McDonald, Ben
McDonald, Charles
McDonald, Robert
McDonald, Ross
McDonald, William A.
McDowell, Frank
McDrede, Dan
McEntyre, James M.
McFadden, William
McFadden, Joe
McFalden, Mr.
McFall, Matt
McFarland, John "Lucky Jack"
McFarlane, Archie
McFarlane, Jack
McFarlane, John A.
McFarlane, Mrs.
McGary, Ray
McGaw, Alexander
McGee, Charles
McGee, Hugh
McGilvery, Dan
McGinness, Dan
McGonigle, Neil
McGowan, A.J.
McGregor, Jack
McGuinness, Maggie
McGuire, Mr.
McHaly, John
McIrvin, Jennie
McIrvine, L.H.
McIver, Annie
McKay, Alex
McKay, Donald
McKay, Hortie
McKay, William
McKean, Reverend J.
McKibbens, Laura
McKibbin, Bart
McKibbin, Belle
McKim, William
McKinney, Dave
McKinney, Isaac
McKissick, Bud
McLaine, Mr.
McLaren, J.
McLatchy, John
McLaughlin, Miss
McLean, John
McLellan, Miss
Mcleod & Jacobs
McLeod, George A.
McLeod, W.J.
McMahon, Frank
McMahon, T.J.
McMasters, Angus
McMasters, Paul
McMasters, Samuel
McMasters, Thomas D.
McMonigle, Bart
McNally, John
McNamee, Rose
McNamee, Susie
McNulty, Charles
McNulty, S.A.
McPhail, Alex
McPhee, Donald
McPhee, Peter
McPhee, R.J.
McPherson, Charles
McPherson, James
McPherson, Lizzie
McPhet, Mr.
McQueen, William
McQuillan, James
McSorley, John
McVicker, Herbert
Meadows, Joseph A.
Meddle, Jack
Medina, Mr.
Meeds, Dan
Meehan, William
Mehon, Morris
Meisinger, George
Melican, W.
Melick, John
Mellen, Thomas
Mellor, Dora
Mensch, Brother
Merrill, George
Merritt, S.A.
Messler, Martin
Metcalf, Frank
Metzler, C.
Metzler, George M.
Meves, Peter
Mewman, George
Meyertholen, Mr.
Michael, Fru
Middleton, J.
Middleton, Sarah
Miles, Jem
Miles, Robert
Miles, W.N.
Miley, Edward
Miley, John
Miley, Nora
Miller, Clay
Miller, Daniel R.
Miller, Ed
Miller, Glen
Miller, Henry E.
Miller, Stewart
Millhean, W.
Millich, Nick
Milligan, Mr.
Millnor, W.E.
Mills, Frances
Mills, George
Mills, Manny
Mills, Maude
Millsaps, Frank
Millsaps, Letitia
Milner, E.A.
Milton, Granville
Milton, J.
Minear, A.P.
Minear, George
Minear, J.I.
Miner, G.
Miner, M.A.
Mink, W.H.
Miser Ranch
Misslen, Leon
Mitchell, Anthony
Mitchell, Catherine
Mitchell, Frank
Mitchell, H.L.
Mitchell, Jennie
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, Thomas
Mitchell, William
Mitler, H.E.
Mizer, Jacob
Moe, Mr.
Monks, W.W.
Monroe, Jim
Monroe, R.W.
Montandon, A.F.
Montgomery, Joseph
Montgomery, Lela
Montrose, Arthur
Moody, M.L.
Moore & Durell
Moore, A.W.
Moore, Asa Chinese
Moore, Charles
Moore, J.W.
Moore, Johnny
Moore, Katie
Moore, Lillie
Moore, Martha
Moore, Nellie
More, A.B.
More, Marian
Morgan, Joncey
Moriarty, Mr.
Morrill, Ernest
Morrill, Joseph K
Morris, Aron
Morris, Isador
Morrison, Gus
Morrison, Tom
Morrissey, Ed
Morrissey, J.M.
Morse, F.M.
Morse, Harry
Morse, W.C.
Mortandon, Attorney
Moses Biddy
Motherwell, J.P.
Mott, L.H.
Moulton, G.B.
Mount, Henry
Moupin, T.C.
Moyle, J.H.
Mulkey, S.A.
Mullaley, Thomas
Mullan, Mr.
Mundle, Ada B.
Mundle, Luther L.
Murdock, H.J.
Murphy, James
Murphy, John
Murphy, Thomas
Murray, Edward
Murray, George
Murray, John
Murray, Robert
Musser, George
Myers, Charles
Myers, Ed
Myers, John
Myers, Wesley


Nadel, Martin
Naser, O.R.
Nattini, Father
Neal, C.S.
Nellis, N.R.
Nelson, Charles F.
Nelson, John
Nelson, Molly
Nelson, T.A.
Nelson, William
Newcombe, Jack
Newcomer, Sol
Newell, John
Newhall, W.M.
Newkirk, John
Newman, Andy
Newman, Dow
Newman, George
Newman, L.D.
Newsom, Olive
Newton, Ella
Newton, Lewis
Nicelli, Louis
Nichols, B.J.
Nichols, Dan W.
Nichols, Frank
Nichols, George
Nichols, Helen Louise
Nichols, Nellie
Nichols, Ralph
Nichols, William
Nicholson, Clarence
Nicholson, James A.
Nicholson, Thomas
Nickerson, D.I.
Niedermyer, G.C.
Niles, Ed
Ninemier, Benjamin
Ninemier, William
Ning Yung company
Nisson, Carl
Nitschke, Fred
Noble, Alexander R.
Noble, W.B.
Nock, Charles
Noid, Mrs.
Noland, Marion
Noonan, John
Nordyke, B.J.
Normington, Kate
Normington, Lillie
Normington, Sidney J
Norris, Charles
North & McPhee
North, George
North, William
Northey, Charles
Northrop, William
Norton, William
Norwood, David
Nourse, Robert L.
Noyce, Bill
Nye, William


Oates, Thomas
Obenchain, Mary
O'Brien, Charles
O'Brien, Ed
O'Brien, John J.
O'Brien, Mike
O'Brien, W.M.
O'Brion, Jack
O'Callaghan, Eugene
O'Conner, John
O'Connor, William
O'Daniel, Thomas
O'Donnell, John
O'Keefe, Major
Olander, Harry
Oldham, Joel B.
Oldham, Joseph
Oliver, B.F.
Oliver, Frank
Oliver, Mary
Oliver, Thurman
Oliver, W.J.
Olson, Lottie
Oman, Gus
Onderdonk, J.L.
O'Neal, John
O'Neil, Billy
O'Neil, John
O'Neil, William
O'Neill, A.B.
Orchard, S.A.
Ordstein, N. & Co
Ormsby, L.L.
Orne, Mr.
O'Rourke, M.
Orr, David
Osborn, Allen
Osborn, I.T.
Osborn, Merton
Osborn, Rose
Osborn, T.M.
Osborne, Sarah
Oswall, F.L.
Ott, Mr.
Ottenheimer, Jacob
Otterson, James
Owen & Hall


Packard, W.
Paddock, C.E.
Page, Mrs.
Pahlman, Agnes
Paine, Tom
Palmer & Lusk
Palmer, C.B.
Parke, T.C.
Parker, C.W.
Parker, Ella
Parker, Robertson & Co
Parker, William
Parks, F.C.
Parks, J.M.
Parnell, Colonel
Parrish, H.M.
Parrotte, Walter Lee
Parry, M.I.
Parsons, Charles
Parsons, F.H.
Parsons, George M.
Parsons, Robert
Parsons, William P.
Patterson, Bessie
Patterson, H.G.
Patterson, J.E.
Patterson, Lena
Patterson, March
Patterson, Ray
Patton, Super
Paulding, Willilam
Paull, Nicholas
Payne, Ida B.
Pearson, Ada
Pearson, George
Pearson, Johnny
Pease, L.
Peck, Charles
Peck, Frank
Peck, George W.
Peck, Jared G.
Peck, W.I.
Peed, Frank
Peed, James
Peery, H. Jr.
Pefly, P.J.
Pendergast, Roager
Pepper, Charles
Perkins, A.H.
Perkins, Clough
Perkins, Dean
Perkins, Floyd R.
Perkins, Oscar
Perkins, Proctor
Perky, K.J.
Perrault, Joseph
Perrine, I.B.
Peters, G.P.
Peters, L.
Peters, Watt
Peterson, Nels
Pettegrew, J.M.
Pettengill, Assessor
Pettibone, George
Pettit, Caroline S.
Pettit, W.H.
Pezoldt, Gus
Pezoldt, Harriet
Pezoldt, Lydia
Pezoldt, Walter
Phelan & Hayes
Phillips, Bert
Phillips, Fred
Phillips, John
Phillips, W.W.
Phippen, Al
Phippen, Ernest D.
Phippen, Fredonia
Phippen, George A.
Phippen, H.
Picotte, E.J.
Picotte, Edna
Picotte, Harry T.
Picotte, Theophilus E.
Pierson, George
Pierson, James S.
Pike, Ed
Pike, George M
Pike, J.W.
Pilgrim, Ernest
Pilmer, John
Pinaglia, Lawrence
Pinkham & Leonard
Pinkham & Lewis
Pinkham, George B.
Pinkham, Joseph
Pinkston, W.D.
Pinney, Bert
Pinney, Charles
Pinney, Jessie
Pinney, May
Pinney, Milton E.
Pitts, John
Pitts, Tobe
Place, J.A.
Plowman, K.P.
Plughoff, Henry R.
Plughoff, William
Plummer, W.S.
Pluntz, Frank & CO
Pollard, Jessee
Pollock, Jerry
Pope, Peter
Pope, Thomas
Popham, Wm.
Poplin, Annie
Porter & Davis
Porter, Alice E.
Porter, Charles A.
Porter, Dan
Porter, E.H.
Porter, Orin
Porter, Thomas T.
Post, Annie
Post, John A.
Potter, James A
Poulton, Alice
Poulton, Samuel
Poulton, W.A
Pound, Homer L.
Povey, John
Povey, Kate
Powell, D.D.
Powell, George
Powell, Thomas
Powers, William
Pratt, D.W.
Pratt, E.
Pratt, Harmel
Pratt, William J.
Pray, Burt
Prescott, A.F.
Presnell, C.F.
Preston, Mr.
Prethero, Samuel
Price, Catherine
Price, Lyttleton
Price, W.M.
Prickett, Daniel
Prickett, H.E.
Pride, D.P.B.
Prior, George
Prisk, D.
Pritchard, A. J.
Prout, Bert
Prout, George
Puckett, Mrs.
Purdum, A.M.
Purdum, George
Purdum, Harry
Putnam, Katie
Pyke, F.

Q & R

Quantrell, A.D.
Queen, Mr.
Quigley, William
Quillen, T.H.
Quincy, John
Quinn, James
Raaf, Dr.
Rabens, George H.
Raberg, Mr.
Rabjohn's Bldg
Raine, Addie A.
Raine, Robert E.
Raines, Amos
Rainey, James
Ralls, Silas J.
Rambo, Charles W.
Ramcy, John
Rammelmeyer, Mr.
Randall, Charles
Randall, Edgar M.
Randall, Nathan
Randall, W.C.
Randolph, George
Rankin, John D.
Rannells, J.W.
Rasmussen, Susie
Ravencraft, John
Ravencraft, Luther
Ravenscraft, Walter
Rawson, William F.
Ray, E.R.
Ray, William
Raymond & Ely
Raymond, C.R.
Reagan, Michael
Reagan, Phil
Reckard, George
Rector, & Wilhelm Co
Redden, Michael
Redding, John
Redsull, T.T.
Redway, T.G.
Redway, William
Reed, Charley
Reed, Fred R.
Reed, H.A.
Reed, Jack
Reed, Rodney
Reed, Thomas
Reedy, A.C.
Reedy, A.L.
Reedy, Cicero
Reese, D.
Reeser, Jacob
Reeves, Charles R.
Regan, Phil
Reid, Fred
Relf, Mr.
Rember, George
Rember, William
Reno, Frank
Reser, Juel
Retallack, W.J.
Reuben, Menas
Revis, Newton
Reynolds, Lottie
Rheinhold, F.
Rhinehart, Mrs.
Rice, Dix
Rice, J.M.
Rice, Robert
Rich, Joe
Richards, Blanche
Richards, Claude
Richards, E.E.
Richards, Fredonia
Richards, George W.
Richards, Hazel
Richards, Parker
Richards, S.P.
Richardson, E.P.
Richardson, Ethel
Richardson, George
Richardson, James
Richardson, John
Richardson, Kate
Richardson, Lark
Richardson, May
Richardson, O.S.
Richey, S.B.
Richter, C.
Richter, Gustav
Richter, Louis A.
Riddle, G.T.
Ridgers, John R.
Ridgers, L.R.
Ridgeway, Samuel
Rielly, Dan
Rigg, C.M.
Rigg, S.E.
Riggen, Laura
Riggin, A.N.
Rikewine, Gus
Riley & Kirby
Riley & Tracy
Riley, Bertha
Riley, Beulah
Riley, Clifton T.
Riley, Dan
Riley, Esther
Riley, Etta
Riley, Frank
Riley, Harriet
Riley, Hugh
Riley, Jack
Riley, Jessie
Riley, John B.
Riley, Thomas
Riley, William
Rinearson, A.L.
Rinehart, W.N.
Ringgold, Miss
Ritchey, J.B.
Ritchie, M.L.
Ritter, Fred
Rivers, Bill
Rives, Miss
Robbins, Rube
Roberts, A.B.
Roberts, Anna
Roberts, D.A.
Roberts, George H
Roberts, Sid
Robertson, Dan
Robertson, F.C.
Robertson, George
Robertson, P.C.
Robinson, Ansel
Robinson, J.T.
Robinson, Robert
Robison, Thomas A.
Rockwell, Manager
Rodgers, Frank
Rodi, Henry
Roe, Richard
Rogers, Belle
Rogers, Henry
Rogers, Joe
Rogers, John
Rogers, Nellie
Rogers, Rosie
Rollins, Frank H.
Rollins, True W.
Romaine, George
Romayne, G.B.
Rorem, Ole
Rose, G.W.
Rose, Mike
Rosenberg, A.
Rosengren, Levi
Ross, C.
Ross, Jennie
Rossiter, Fred
Roth, Fred
Rothrock, Mrs.
Rothwell, Dr.
Rounds, Allie
Rounds, R.R.
Rourke, James A.
Rourke, John
Rourke, Michael
Rovny, Max
Rowe, Fred H.
Rowe, Gus
Ruh, George
Ruick, D.A.
Ruick, Julia D.
Ruick, N.M.
Ruick, Robie
Rummel, Mrs.
Rumsey, John
Rupert, Belle
Rupert, Ethel
Rupert, J.A.
Russell, D.C.
Russell, Harry
Ruthrauff, Miss
Ryan, Cornelius
Ryan, John
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, T.D.
Rynearson, L & W
Rynearson, W.S.


Sabin, R.L.
Sadler, Miss
Salter, Thomas
Sam Wah Chinamen
Sampson, George
Samson, C.E.
Samuel, L.
Sanders, Clint
Sanderson, M.M.
Sands, George
Sargent, Frank
Sargent, J.C.
Saunders, Fred
Saunderson, M.
Savage, Hale
Sawyer, Sheriff
Sayers, Thomas
Scadden, Samuel
Scarbrough, Jacob
Schad, John E.
Schaefer, Louis B.
Schaefer, Will
Schaick, Van
Schaub, John
Schauffelberger, Beatrice
Schawbacher, L.M.
Schenck, Colonel
Schley, Admiral
Schmidt, John
Schoffner, John N.
Schofield, Edwin
Schooler, Richard
Schram, John
Schramm, F.C.
Schrapel, L.
Schroeder, Louis
Schroff, Walter
Schuh, Miss
Schultz, William
Schwamb, C.W.
Schwamb, Harry
Schwartz, Mr.
Schweitzer, H.B.
Schweitzer, Louis
Scoble, Herman
Scoble, Rich
Scofield, Ed
Scott, Albert
Scott, George M.
Scott, W.B.
Scoville, F.W.
Scrivens, Mabel
Seamands, William G.
Sears, Judge
Seaton, Henry
Sebree, Holt & Kiesel
Sellers, Mulberry
Sells, Colonel
Selwyn, C.J.
Senn, Nicholas
Senter, A.S.
Settle, George F.
Seymour, Mr.
Shaeffer, Mr
Shaffer, Peter
Shainwald, Edward
Shainwald, Julius C.
Shainwald, R.L.
Shannon, Cloyd
Shannon, Harmon
Shannon, katie
Sharp, John W.
Sharp, N.J.
Sharp, William
Sharps & Jones
Sharps, Erma
Sharps, Fannie
Sharps, W.M.
Shaughnessy, Marshall
Shaw, E.B.
Shaw, George H.
Shaw, Thomas B.
Sheads, Harry
Sheehan, Johnny
Sheffert, Dr.
Sheffield, Fred
Shepard, Mamie
Shepard, Pearl
Shepard, W.F.
Shepherd, Charles
Sheppard, Charles
Sherbine, G.W.
Sherer, Del
Sherif, Peter
Sherman, A.
Sherman, Fred
Sherman, Hoyt
Sherry, Charles J.
Sherry, Charles T.
Sherry, Mattie
Sherwood, Curley John
Shields, J.P.
Shipp, Elizabeth
Shipp, George
Shira, Wm. H.
Shirley, Mrs.
Shiveley, J.
Shoddy, Mr.
Short, Al
Short, J.B.
Short, William
Shoup, George L.
Shupe & Boggs
Shupe, Cam
Sidebotham, R.A.
Sidenblad, Hilma
Sielaff, Mr.
Sielaff, Otto
Siemens, Frederic
Sifers, Alex
Siker, Joseph
Silk, Martin
Silverman, Jake
Silvey, Mary O.
Silvey, Thomas H.
Silvis, J.B.
Simmons, Eva A.
Simmons, F.H.
Simmons, John
Simmons, Orlando
Simons, Mrs.
Simpson, A.J.
Sing, Charley Tong
Sing, Sam
Singiser, T.F.
Sinnott, Augustine M.
Sinnott, John
Sixshooter Jack
Skelton, James
Skelton, Joe
Skonnord, B.O.
Skyles, John
Slatenberger, John
Slater, Mrs. mary Ann
Slates, George
Slatten, P.
Slosson, E.M.
Slusser, A.
Slusser, Mamie
Smith & Rawson
Smith, Alanson
Smith, Albert Grant
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Bessie
Smith, Brig
Smith, Charles
Smith, Constance
Smith, Dave
Smith, Dr. A.K.
Smith, Eli
Smith, Ella
Smith, Eugenia
Smith, Frances E.
Smith, Fred
Smith, J.L.G.
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Molly
Smith, Nellie
Smith, Noami
Smith, Perry
Smith, Pitt
Smith, Richard G.
Smith, Ross
Smith, S.T.
Smith, Sky
Smith, T.T.
Smith, William
Smitham, James
Smitham, John
Smitham, Matthew
Smithson, Bill
Smythe, George B.
Snider, Emil
Snider, Peter
Snoddy, Henry
Snodgrass's Saloon
Snyder, B.F.
Snyder, G.W.
Sobwartg, B.
Soldier, Sam
Somers, E.R.
Sonnleitner, Charles
Sonnleitner, Thad
Sorrell, Mr.
Sowden, William
Spalding, A.P.
Spangler, C.F.
Spaulding, Marcella
Spaulding, Mary
Spearfish, John L.
Spencer, F.H.
Spencer, P.W.
Spencer, Phebe J.
Spencer, Theodore
Spencer, W.H.
Spicer, Mr.
Spooner, Mr.
Sprague, Charles
Spugeon, L.
Sqartz, O.M.
Squires, Genevieve
Stahle, Frank
Stailey, Charles
Stamper, mr.
Stanfield, William
Stanford, Cyrus J.
Stanford, Thomas
Stanton, Clark
Stanton, S.E.
Stanton, T.J.
Stanton, William
Stapleford, John
Stark, Dan
Starrh, F.A.
Starrh, George
Starrh, Thomas
Stayner, Mrs.
Steel, D.M.
Steele, E.J.
Stein, Nettie
Steinmeier, J.
Stenson, Colonel
Stephens, John
Stephens, Voegele & Dinning
Stephenson, A.M.
Stephenson, Willard
Sterling, Archie
Sterling, Stanton
Sterritt, Al
Steunenberg, Governor
Stevens, Dr.
Stevenson, H.
Stevenson, Isabel
Steward, H.F.
Stewart, Jacob W.
Stewart, Neil
Stewart, William
Stiers, W.A.
Still, Reuben
Stilts, Ellen
Stilts, G.W.
Stinson, Eli
Stinson, Jesse
Stockslager, C.O.
Stockslager, Ingobo
Stockslager, Leslie
Stockslager, Roscoe
Stockslager, Will
Stoey, Harold
Stokes, Mr.
Stone, Thomas
Stoner & Reeser
Storey, Calvin
Storey, George
Story, John
Stott, Lester
Stover, Mose
Stowe, Arthur
Stowe, Cora
Stowe, Eugene
Stowe, George
Stowe, Martin
Stowell, A.C.
Strahorn, Robert E.
Strahorn, Thomas F.
Straman, Carrie
Strange, Charles
Strange, James
Street, Harry
Street, Thomas
Strickles, Samuel
Stride, George
Strong, Mr.
Stuart, Malcolm
Stuck, George
Stull, G.C.
Stull, Mamie
Stumpf, Catharine
Sullaway, Joseph
Sullivan, A.J.
Sullivan, Boss
Sullivan, Charlie
Sullivan, Frank
Sullivan, Fred
Sullivan, I.N.
Sullivan, Jimmy
Sullivan, John L.
Sullivan, LaVerne L.
Sullivan, Vern
Sullivan, Willis
Sultan, A.
Sung Yuen Chinaman
Sutherland, James
Sutlive, Albert
Sven, Augustine
Swanholm, Henry
Swanholm, Maria
Swanson, Mr.
Swanton, Ed
Sweeney, Dennis
Sweet, Dr.
Sweet, Willis
Swift & Conklin
Swift, Allie
Swift, Henry
Swift, Horace L.
Swift, J.O.
Swinn, J.P.
Syms, Harry J.
Synnott & Welch


Tabor, Senator
Taggart, Lee
Talbott, J.O.
Tarbet, Andrew J.
Tarbitt, Mr.
Tarleton, Delmar
Tarrant, P.A.
Tarter, Bob
Tassel, C.J.
Tate, Charles
Tates, Billy
Tatro, Con
Tatro, LyLy
Tatro, W.C.
Taylor, David
Taylor, Eddie
Taylor, Edna
Taylor, Frank
Taylor, George
Taylor, Gilbert
Taylor, H.P.
Taylor, John
Taylor, Laura
Taylor, William
Teasdale, Irene
Teasdale, Rene
Teasdale, William
Teeple, R.E.
Tehe, Joseph
Telfer, Thomas
Temple, Tommy
Templeton, B.T.
Terry, Charles
Terry, E.H.
Tham, Emma
Tham, John
Tham, Mary
Thamm, Bernard P.
Thamm, Emma
Thamm, Gregory
Thamm, John
Thamm, Marie
Thamm, Oscar E.
Thatcher, H.M.
Theriot, Al
Thevenin, robert
Thews, W.B.
Thomas, Alice
Thomas, Douglas
Thomas, Fred
Thomas, John
Thomas, William
Thompson, A.
Thompson, H.
Thompson, Jay S.
Thompson, Meade
Thompson, S.C.
Thorp, Mrs.
Thrall, W.F.
Thurber, Horace K
Tibbetts, Mr.
Tilden, K. Leslie
Tillman, Mrs.
Timmerman, John L.
Tingley, B.F.
Tinker, Mr.
Todd, S.E.
Tohill, Dan
Tohill, Harry
Tolmie, James
Tolmie, William
Tompkins, William
Tonkin, John
Toohill, James
Toomie, Mike
Tootle, Maul & Co
Toponce, Elizabeth
Toponce, Jules
Torrenson, Belle
Torrey, E.B.
Torreyson, Mr.
Toulouse, Andrew
Towhill, Dan
Townsend, Jim
Townsend, W.H.
Toyer, Charley
Tracy, J.J.
Tracy, Tom
Trader, Charles
Trader, Frank
Trapp, Billie
Traver, Vic
Travis, Wesley S.
Treat, Maria
Treat, Wallace
Tregallis, Martin
Tregaskis, Mr.
Treloar, Billie
Trembath, James
Trewick, Nick
Trezona, Thomas
Troeger, Henry
Trounce, John
True, E.B.
Truesdell, T.G.
Tucker, Emma
Tucker, R.S.
Tucker, S.M.
Tucker, Sam
Tudor, John
Turnbull, Lul U.
Turner, A.P.
Turner, Bill
Turner, Frank
Turner, Myrtie
Turner, William
Turpin, Isaac
Tustin, M.S.
Tuttle, Bishop
Tyler, W.A.
Tyner, A.H.

U & V

Uhl, Mr.
Underwilla, Miss
Utsch, John
Vader, Lee
Valiton, H.G.
Valquit, A.F.
Van Deventer, J.C.
Van Dice, J.H.
Van Dusen, W.S.
Van Dyke & Frodsham
Van Dyke, Nellie
Van Ness, J.H.
Van Ness, Nestor
Van Schaick, John
Van Schalck, commissioner
Van Valkenberg, J.B.
Van Valkenburg, Belle
Van Winkel, Mamie
Van Winkle, G.W.G.
Van Winkle, Joseph
Van, A.M.
Vance, Mr.
Vances, J.
Vancil, Etta
Vancil, Helen
Vanlandingham, M.H.
Vannetta, J.W.
Varcoe, John
Vaso, Antone
Vaughn, W.R.
Venable, Sid
Verberg, M
Verden, Miss
Vesperman, Mr.
Viar, James
Vincent, Dow
Vineyard, Lycurgus
Volkman, Frank
Von Harten, Mae
Von Wedelstaedt, Bismarck
Vorberg, Agnes


Wah Hop
Wait, John S.
Wakfield, H.S.
Waldron, E.E.
Waldron, T.C.
Walgemott, Miss
Walgomot, Lou
Walker & Fowler
Walker, A.
Walker, Cassie
Walker, James
Walker, Lou
Walker, Maggie
Walker, Thomas
Walker, Tillie
Walker, W.M.
Wall, E.A.
Wallace, Hugh C.
Wallace, Leslie
Walling, E.C.
Wallis, Jonas S.
Walsh, R.M.
Walsron, R.C.
Walters, D.M.
Walters, Nellie
Walton, Izaak
Wamack, Mollie
Wantland, W.N.
Ward & Quantrell
Ward, H.M.
Ward, John
Ward, Lucie
Wardrop, Jack
Wardrop, John
Wardrop, William
Warfield, Charles
Waring, Ira
Waring, Lulah
Warner, Goldie
Warnicke & Co
Warning, Alta
Warning, Lizzie
Warren, George
Warren, J.H.
Warren, Robert
Warring, Henry
Wasson, B.F.
Wasson, D.D.
Water, J.S.
Waterman, Al
Waters, J.S.
Watkins, Harmon
Watkins, W.W.
Watnicke & Co
Watson, Albert
Watson, Archie
Watson, Henry D.
Watt, W.H.
Waugaman, Asa
Way, Leonard H.
Weatherman, Arley
Weaver, F.R.
Weaver, Isaac S.
Weaver, James B.
Weaver, Mert
Weaver, Myrtle
Weaver, Nelson
Webb's Saloon
Weber, Peter
Weiman, Louis
Weinman, Louis
Weist, J.H.
Welch, Billy
Welch, Glen
Welch, Michael
Welch, Peter
Welch, Phil
Welch, William
Wells, George
Wells, R.B.
Welsh, Martin
Welsh, Will
Werry, Ezra
Werry, Fred A.
Werry, Joe
Werry, Nicholas
Werry, Rose
Werry, Thomas
Werthheimer, Leopold
Wesendorf, Captain
West, Bert
West, Dick
West, John
West, Kittie
West, Mabel
West, Thomas J.
Westman, Russell B.
Whalen, Mr.
Wheat, Alta
Wheeler, E.O.
Wheeler, Ed
Wheeler, Ella
Wheeler, Elmer
Wheeler, Isaac
Wheeler, W.E.
Whistler, Belle
White, Andy
White, Enoch A.
White, Florence
White, Horace
White, Isaiah
White, John J.
White, John W.
White, Roy
White, S.V.
White, Vernon
White, Willard
Whitford, John
Whiting, Alice
Whitley, Campain
Whitley, Harry
Whitmer, David
Whitmore, Charles
Whitson, J.D.
Whitton, J.S.
Widener, P.A.B.
Wilcox, T.
Wilde, Mr.
Wilde, Oscar
Wilhoit, Joseph
Wilkins, Frank
Wilkinson, J A
Willard, J.W.
Willey, Governor
Williams, A.D.
Williams, Andy
Williams, Blanche
Williams, Doc
Williams, Evan
Williams, George A.
Williams, Jack
Williams, Jennie
Williams, Lela
Williams, M.H.
Williams, Matt
Williams, P.R.
Williams, R.P.
Williams, Seth
Williams, William
Williamson, Martha
Williamson, May
Willis, L.A.
Willman & Walker
Willman, Alex
Wilmer, Mary O
Wilmer, Richard P.
Wilmoth, R.L.
Wilson, Billy
Wilson, C.L.
Wilson, D.C.
Wilson, E.M.
Wilson, James
Wilson, John A.
Wilson, Samuel
Wilson, W.M.
Winchester, Clarence
Winchester, S.J.
Winder, George
Wines, Clara
Wines, Len
Winklebach, John
Winkleback, Jim
Winn, Edward
Winquist, A.
Winstead, Thomas
Winter, D.K.
Winter, John D.
Winter, Mollie
Winter, Nellie
Winter, Susie
Winter, W.H.
Winters, Georgia
Winters, Henry
Winters, John B.
Winters, Joshua W.
Witherell, E.B.
Wo, Hop
Wo, Yen
Woh, Tung
Wolters, A.
Wolters, Ella
Wolters, Lucie
Wolters, Marie
Womack, Ab
Womack, Elihu
Womack, M.
Wong Lee Chong Chinaman
Wood, A.J.
Wood, C.A.
Wood, Carolina
Wood, Frank
Wood, Fremont
Woodin, L.H.
Woodruff, Alex
Woods, Alex
Woods, D.W
Woodward, E.R.
Woodworth, J.M.
Woodworth, N.R.
Woody, W.
Woolcock, Mary E.
Woolcock, W.H.
Woolcott, E.L.
Worswick, C.N.
Worswick, Norris
Worswick, Samuel
Wrencher, James A.
Wright, Harry
Wright, Hunter
Wright, Johnny
Wright, Walter
Wrightson, R.L.
Wun Lung Chinaman
Wun Yee Chinamen
Wurzburger, Joseph
Wyatt, John
Wyatt, Sam

Y & Z

Yang Wokee Chinaman
Yates, W.
Yeager, Chris
Yee Town Chinamen
Yee Wee Chinese
Yingling, G.S.
Yocum, E.C.
York, William
Youck, Annie Chinamen
Young, A.G.
Young, Fred
Young, John
Young, Levi
Young, Orville R.
Young, Samuel
Young, Wash J.
Young, William
Yump, Sam
Yung, Ning
Zahalka, Esther
Zanchi, Louis
Zaspei, R.F.

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