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JUNE 4, 1884


The day opened bright and warm, the sky being clearer and the sun shining with greater force than for weeks past. By eight o'clock flags were hanging at half mast from the various staffs in town and the sidewalks became thronged with people elegantly dressed, which gave them a holiday appearance.

Shortly after ten o'clock the Sunday School children, in charge of Superintendent MCGOWAN, arrived, headed by the Hailey Brass Band, and marched into the Theater through the open ranks of Alturas Post. G.A.R. Then came the squad of honor sent up by Garfield Post, of Bellevue, in of Commander T. T. REDSULl and Vice Commander J. D. BURCH. At half past ten o'c1ock Comrade MCCULLOCH, in the absence of E. C. BREARLEY, President of the Day, called the assemblage to order, and the exercises were opened with:

Music by the Hailey Band.

President of the Day MCCULLOCH then delivered a brief opening address. "My Country, Tis of Thee," followed, sung by Assessor LEONARD, District Attorney BRUNER, H.Z. BURKHART, and Professor BUTLER. The audience arose and remained standing while the Reverend Mr. OSBORN offered prayer.

Comrade J.H. BEATTY, Orator of the Day, was now introduced, and delivered an address substantially as follows:

Charlotte's Annotation: I am not going to type up the address except the last sentence.

But, first and foremost, always and forever, our love, our praise and our honors are due to those whose lives were lost in defense of this great government, which still lives.

On Fame's eternal camping ground
Their silent tents are spread;
And Glory awards with solemn round
The bivouac of the dead.

The speaker was listened to attentively and frequently applauded. "Tenting on the Old Camp Ground," was sung by the chorus, after which Comrade JOSEPH M. WOODWORTH read the poem entitled.

The Heroic Dead.

Charlotte's Annotation: The poem was in the paper but I'm not going to type it up either.

A recitation followed,

"Who Saved the Left in Front of Murfreesboro?" by P.M. BRUNER;

And the Hailey Brass Band gave the Closing air.

GEORGE M. PARSONS, Officer of the Day, now assumed charge, and ordered the procession to form in the following order:

Head of Column - The Hailey Brass Band.
The Detail from Garfield Post, G.A.R. Bellevue
Alturas Post, G.A.R., of Hailey
The Society of Pacific Coast Pioneers.
The School Children
Ladies and citizens in carriages.
Citizens on horseback.

In this order every person in the line carrying a bouquet the column marched down Main Street to the cemetery, where all the graves were impartially decorated, and a detail was sent over to the new cemetery, near the "y" to decorate the grave of Captain DAVIS.

At the cemetery Reverend Mr. OSBORN opened the exercises with prayer.

Comrade KINGSBURY then read Will Carleton's Poem,

"Cover them Over."

And the detail from Garfield Post fired the salute.

The column then formed ranks and returned to Main and Bullion streets, where it disbanded.

The Ex-Soldiers in Line

Following are the names of the ex-soldiers in line, together with the number or name of their organization:

Of Garfield Post

F.R. DRAKE, 30th Wisconsin.
HENRY BABB, Co B, 8th Iowa Cavalry
J.D. BURCH, Major, Sixth Wisconsin.
N.G. SMITH, Sergeant, Co. H, Second California Volunteers
T.T. REDSULL, First Lieutenant, Co. A., First Oregon
HENRY ARMSTRONG, Sergeant, Second Wisconsin Cavalry.
J.M. MORRISSEY, Co. I, Third Iowa Cavalry
WILLIAM A. GREEK, Tenth Iowa Infantry
W.C. MORSE, Co. H., Forty Second Illinois Infantry
JOSEPH GARRISON, United States Rifles (Mexican War)
BEN KOLLER, Forty Eighth Pennsylvania Infantry.
JOHN HEAFRON, Co. E, Second California Cavalry
SAMUEL FRIEND, Co. K, Twenty Eighth Iowa

From Alturas Post

S.H. BRITTO, Eleventh Michigan
TEXAS ANGEL, Quartermaster, Twenty Seventh New York
T.S. FOULKS, Eighty First Ohio
W.H. PETTIT, Lieutenant, Fourth Battery Indiana Artillery
C.P. CROY, Benton Cadets, Fremont's body guard.
E.A. WHITE, Sergeant Major, Twenty Seventh Ohio.
E.C. BALDWIN, First Lieutenant, First California Cavalry
C.B. FOX, Co. C, Hundred and Forty Seventh Illinois
GEORGE M. PARSONS, Co. F, Hundred and Eighty Ninth Ohio.
E.H. EGBERT, First California Cavalry.
BROCKWAY, Major, First Michigan Cavalry
JOHN BURKE, Co.E, Twenty Seventh Iowa volunteers.
HENRY HARGER, Co. K, Twenty First Iowa Infantry.
JOHN D. RANKIN, Co. D, Thirteenth Indians.
WILLIAM HYNDMAN, Major, Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry
C.H. CLAY, A Kentucky Regiment, U.S.A.
HENRY GRIFFIN, Eighth Pennsylvania Cavalry.
J.M. WOODWORTH, Second California
ISAIAH WHITE, Co I, Fifteenth Iowa Infantry
L.E. BRISTOL, Co. A, Sixth Vermont
W.T. RILEY, Sergeant, Eighty Sixth New York
W.H. DOUGLASS, Captain, Thirty Second Ohio.
ELI BALDERSTON, Captain, Co. G, Eighth Kansas
JAMES H. BEATTY, First Lieutenant, Ohio Light Artillery.
W.T. HALL, Captain, Co. D, Hundred and Sixty Fifth New York
F.L. SHERMAN, Captain, CO. K, Twenty Fifth Illinois
A.P. DUER, Co. K, Twelfth New York Cavalry
GEORGE DELANEY, Louisiana Battalion, C.S.A.
JOHN W. WHITE, Co. G, Eighty Ninth Ohio volunteers.
E.E. RICHARDS, Second Maine Battery, Light Artillery
A.J. HOFFLIGER, Sergeant, Co. E, Ninety fifth Pennsylvania.
J.H. HILTON, Forty Second and Sixty First Massachusetts Infantry
ROBERT MCCULLOCH, Major, Ninth Ohio Cavalry.
T.E. PICOTTE, Co. K, Hundred and Second New York
S.B. KINGSBURY, Co. C, Seventh Ohio
W.A. HODGMAN, Quartermaster of John A.Dix Post, of Ogden, Fourteenth Army Corps
B.B. ELDRED, Co. A, Forty Seventh New York volunteers.

The Pioneers

The Society of Pioneers turned out about 100 members, from Bellevue and Hailey, under AL STERRITT as Marshal.


The members of Alturas Post G.A.R. desires the Times to express their thanks to the ladies and children who gathered the flowers and arranged the bouquets.


Newspaper Title: Wood River Times
Publisher: T. E. Picotte
Date Published: 4 Jun 1884
Article Title: The Celebration: How Memorial Day was Observed in this City
Extracted By: Chadotte Slater [lotties@xxxxxx.xxx]
Sent to: Matthew D. Friend [thefriendfamily@xxxxxx.xxx]
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