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History of Blaine County consists of various texts, works, or manscripts available to reprint online. Below is a few historical and genealogical information that may help our patrons to find out more about their ancestor's background. If you have any historical contexts that may help other patrons, please contact the .

Precincts Elections

Precincts elections has always been an interesting part of our county's history, especially when it gets reports in our local newspaper the Wood River Times. Most of these records shows the election's location, registrar's and judge's name who proceeded in these elections. This is a great source of information about one's ancestor involvment in our local communities.

Blaine County Sheriffs

Blaine County had been established in 1895 from the deflunct Alturas county. The city of Hailey became its county seat. The county's topography consists of mostly backwoods country and in parts, desert. One of the toughest jobs in the county had been to keep peace and order of the local laws belongs to the Sheriffs, also being a part of the local Search and Recuse team. To learn more about the history of Blaine County's Sheriffs and who served in this position since 1895. Following the links below:


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